Commodity market

WSE added commodity trading to its operating segments in 2010. The poee WSE Energy Market opened in December 2010.

WSE acquired the Polish Power Exchange in 2012 and held 100% of its shares and votes at the end of 2012. WSE holds 100% of shares of the Warsaw Commodity Clearing House through its subsidiary PolPX.

In those circumstances, the WSE Management Board has decided to concentrate trading in electricity in the WSE Group within PolPX and to discontinue organising trading on the poee WSE Energy Market. Consequently, the presentation of the activities of the WSE Group on the commodity market in the following sections of this Report focuses only on offer of the Polish Power Exchange.

Participants of the operated commodity markets are the largest companies of the power sector. Activities on the commodity market include three segments:

1. Operation of a commodity exchange where the following are traded:

  • electricity;
  • liquid and gas fuels;
  • pollution emission allowances;
  • property rights attached to certificates of origin;
  • production limits can also be traded, in particular CO2 production limits, as well as property rights other than financial instruments, whose price depends directly or indirectly on the price or value of things specified as to their kind, specific types of energy, measures and limits of production, pollution emissions or property rights.

2. Operation of the Register of Certificates of Origin for energy from renewable energy sources (RES), from cogeneration, and from agricultural biogas.

3. Clearing transactions concluded on a commodity exchange.

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