Development of the Group in 2013

The Exchange focuses on sustainable development of all its business lines. In the financial market segment, the Group continues the measures aimed at expanding the offer and raising the competitiveness of products. The Group pursues a liquidity enhancement program which aims to increase the number of market makers and to improve the market making conditions on the cash and futures market. Activities carried out to solicit market makers and to enhance interest of the investors in those segments of WSE Group’s business will be also executed in respect to bond trading operated by WSE and BondSpot.

WSE will continue activities aimed at attracting Polish and international issuers. The Company intends to strengthen its role as an attractive European exchange. For a number of years, WSE has been the exchange of first choice for businesses in various sectors, of different sizes and at different stages of development in the CEE Region.

The first stage of implementation of the trading system UTP scheduled for completion on April 15, 2013 will make available the cash market platform onto which trade in all financial instruments previously supported by Warset will be transferred. Subsequently, the second stage of UTP implementation will commence: the implementation of the derivatives trading platform.

The new IT architecture will offer superior efficiency, speed and functionality compared to the legacy system. UTP will be the key tool of WSE supporting the improvement of liquidity of trading in shares and derivatives, the development of products offered by the Exchange (including among others stock options), and the acquisition of new Exchange Members with diverse business profiles (investment firms acting as intermediaries in trading, firms trading on own account, and professional operators focusing on improvement of liquidity – market makers). In the opinion of the Company, after the implementation of the state-of-the-art system UTP, WSE will become more attractive as a trading platform while generating more demand for existing and new products and, furthermore, enabling investors to apply more advanced trading strategies, which should increase the number of orders from new user categories such as investors engaged in algorithmic trading.

The product offer of the Group will include new structured products and new classes of futures in 2013. Stock options as well as bond derivatives and interest rate index derivatives will be introduced to trading.

By developing the commodity market segment, the WSE Group is expanding the offer of the exchange market for investors. The Group continues its initiatives aimed at consolidation and growth of trade in electricity, the property rights market, as well as building liquidity on the gas exchange. In the opinion of the Company, there is a major opportunity to develop new instruments and trade in exchange commodities by using the synergies generated by the co-operation between WSE and PolPX.

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