Mission and strategy of the Group

The overarching strategic objective of the Warsaw Stock Exchange is to build a capital trading hub in Central and Eastern Europe with WSE as the leading entity of the hub.

The mission of WSE is to continue the development of the Polish capital market and to strengthen the Polish economy in order to ensure that WSE is a mechanism supporting as much as possible the raising of capital for companies of different sizes and sectors which are eligible to be admitted to the public market. At the same time, WSE should generate economic indicators which are satisfactory to the WSE shareholders and place it ahead of similar exchanges present on the emerging markets.

WSE should ensure a venue of liquid investment for diverse categories of investors with different capital resources, different strategies and different investment goals. Thus, WSE should be a market offering a trading platform both for equities (shares) and all other popular investment instruments such as financial derivatives, commodity derivatives, bonds and other debt securities.

The goal of WSE is to strengthen the broadly understood financial sector in Poland and in the CEE Region because this supports the growth of intellectual capital in Poland and competent human resources in the economy, consequently contributing to enhanced competitiveness of the entire economy and growing wealth of the society. The above activities should focus on the domestic market and the CEE markets because this region offers in practice the biggest opportunities for growth of the Polish market, especially be expanding the offer of financial instruments. Addition of assets representative of the region should gradually improve the perception of WSE by international and global capital, which should be beneficial to the size and stability of its presence.

The main strategic goal and the mission of WSE are pursued in three strands which are key to the safety and growth of WSE:

  • concurrent growth of all active segments of the WSE Group services;
  • protecting the integrity of the market served and managed by WSE;
  • international positioning of WSE.

It is a priority goal of WSE to continue strengthening all service segments by broadening and deepening the customer base of market users: issuers, investors, institutions acting as intermediaries in financial instrument trading and in the distribution of information, and by systematically improving the conditions offered by the market to all customer groups. This is fundamental to the growth of the revenue base and the stabilization of all pillars of the WSE Group’s earnings. This goal includes the development and improvement of the regulated market and the strengthening of NewConnect to gradually increase its importance as a European market for small companies, as well as enhancement of the quality of NewConnect and Catalyst markets. The offer of the exchange market is supplemented by the market in electricity, natural gas and other commodities, as well as the development of derivatives for which commodity market instruments are the underlying (an autonomous strategy of growing the commodity market has been developed by the WSE Group).

It is a goal of WSE to protect the national capital market against fragmentation of liquidity, pursued not by protectionist closing of the market as much as by consistent opening up of the market and connecting it to international capital flows as a fundamental condition of growth of WSE markets.

WSE strives to build the position of the Exchange as an international market of regional importance and to turn WSE, already the regional leader, into a regional hub of financial instrument trading. The conditions necessary to achieve this goal include a marked improvement in liquidity, development of the network of member firms and the customer base (issuers, investors).

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