Other material information

Credit and Loan agreements Signed and Terminated during the Financial Year

The Group signed and terminated no credit and loan agreements other than those related to the issue of series B bonds in 2012. Furthermore, WCCH, a subsidiary of PolPX, used a revolving credit facility capped at PLN 25.0 million in 2012.

Loans Granted in the Financial Year

The Group granted no loans other than loans granted to WSE employees under the internal Employee Loan Program in 2012.

Guaranties and Sureties Granted and Accepted during the Financial Year

The Group granted and accepted no guarantees and sureties in 2012.

Signatures of Members of the Management Board

1. Adam Maciejewski – President

2. Lidia Adamska – Member 

3. Beata Jarosz – Member 

4. Paweł Graniewski – WSE Supervisory Board Member,
delegated by the WSE Supervisory Board to temporarily
perform the functions of WSE Management Board Member


Warsaw, February 19, 2013

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